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With Guest Speakers

Day One

Dr Kristina Spaulding

Trauma And
The Brain

Dr Frank McMillan

Beyond Posttraumatic Stress:
Other Adverse Mental Health Outcomes of
Psychological Trauma in Animals

Jessie Sams

Creating Safety In
Traumatised Animals

Day Two

Dr Rise Van Fleet

Overcoming Extreme Fear in Animals: Safety,
Social Facilitation, Exploration, and Play

Natalie Light

A Day In The Life Of Drax:
The Essential Principles of Implementing
a Trauma-Informed approach to recovery

Rachel Leather

A Route Map For Assessment
And Treatment Planning

Control the Meerkat bringing you a truley social and interactive feel to the virtual conference about the inner workings of the brain and the emotional and neuroscientific side to trauma. We then will bring you practical applications of how to help animals experiencing or have experienced trauma.

All talks will also be subtitled with accessibility options through the website.

As soon as you buy a ticket you gain access to forums on the website to start talking about trauma in animals and share your experiences and to begin thinking of questions to put to our speakers.

On 31st July and 1st August 2021 you sign into the website to gain access to see each of the speakers talks in the morning. In the afternoon the speakers will be live from 1pm in a panel to answer all your questions from the forum and the chat on the day.

To give you lots of time to discuss and think of questions one presentation will be released each day 1 week before the conference. Just sign in to gain access.

You will also have access to the recordngs, the dicussions and the panel Q&A recordings for a whole year.


One of our exclusive chats will be on Friday 30th July 2021 with Scott Stauffer and Diana Kastner talking about Affective Dog Behaviour.

Will I Receive An Attendance Certificate?

Yes. If you watch on 31st July and 1st August your attendance is recorded and you will receive a certificate by email. If you watch the recordings on the website you will receive a certificate when you have watched 80% of the video.

What Is The Refund Policy?

No refunds with the last 20 days of the conference except in extreme circumstances. Please contact to arrange any refunds or ticket exchanges.

Can I Gift A Ticket?

Yes. This can be done when ordering a ticket or to exchange please email us

Can I Attend Just One Day?

We do not offer a lower price for just attending on day.

Will I Get CEU’s?

PPAB CEU Approved – 8 CEU’s. CCPDT Approved 6 CEUs for trainers and 6 CEUs for behavior consultants. IAABC – 9 CEU’s. You can also apply on an individual basis to your respective organisations. You will receive a certificate for attending each day by email. If you watch the recordings you will also be able to download a certificate after watching 80% of the video.

Are There Group Discounts?

Please contact to discuss your circumstances.

What If I Cannot Attend Last Minute?

All talks are released the week before the speakers are live for the panel discussions. All talks and panel discussions are then available for 1 year. Some of the speakers will also be present on our forums to engage and answer any additional questions you may have.

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