Empower Pass 2025

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We are delighted to provide the Empower Pass, for the 2025 conference.

This initiative is specifically designed to provide tickets to individuals from underrepresented communities and people of the global majority and any community or person facing economic challenges fostering diversity, inclusivity, and personal growth. The Empower Pass represents our commitment to ensuring that a variety of voices are heard and valued, enriching the experience for all attendees. Eligible candidates for the Empower Pass can either self-nominate or be nominated by others. The process requires only a few details, reflecting our goal to trust and uplift our community. To demonstrate our dedication to accessibility and diversity, we are providing ten Empower Passes. These passes represent our effort to enable participation from a range of backgrounds and experiences, ensuring that diverse perspectives are not just welcomed, but actively sought and valued.

In addition to the Empower Passes, we are pleased to offer a permanent early bird price for all that apply. Join us on this journey toward a more diverse and vibrant conference experience.

Everyone gets one entry into our random picker – There will be a Facebook live in March to announce winners