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You have access to the recordings from the talks for 4 years. 2 weeks after the end date of the conference the live Q&A recordings, which will be fully subtitled will also be available.

These talks are only available to purchase up until July 2024

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Conference Title : Street dogs Ethics and Trauma

Touching on diverse opinions surrounding street dogs, welfare and the trauma informed approach.

Désirée Braganza and Jessie Sams – Attention Based Practices: Equine Wellbeing from an Ecological Perspective

Shelly Volsche What’s in a Name? Canine Names and Roles Across Cultures and Nikki Bennett – Companion Animal Genetic Services: Pet Guardian Experiences & Veterinary Perspectives.

Professor Miki Kakinuma – Asian Culture Perspective Dogs living with people

Panel with C.A.R.E and save the dogs africa initiative

Danielle Beck with Rise Van Fleet and Guests – Delegate Evening – Panel discussion

Sindhoor Pangal – What freedom and true agency can do to their welfare

Roz Pooley – Setting up for Success

Kathy Murphy and Bobbie Bhambree – Building Resilience After Trauma

Panel Discussion

Rachel Forday –  Decolonising Trauma Informed Care

Tracie Faa-Thompson – Animal Assisted Play Therapy- freedom not force how to involve animals in therapy to enhance the welfare of animals and humans.

Leslie McDevitt – Helping owners through animals trauma

Q&A with Tracie and Leslie

In an effort to create a safe and considerate atmosphere during the discussion on Decolonising Trauma Informed Care, Rachel Forday has chosen not to participate in live Q&A in order to preserve the sensitivity of the topic