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Conference Title : Street dogs Ethics and Trauma

Touching on diverse opinions surrounding street dogs, welfare and the trauma informed approach.


Wednesday 26th July 2023 Start time 6pm BST – Academic Session – Research Presentations from students and researchers.

6pm BST Désirée Braganza and Jessie Sams – Attention Based Practices: Equine Wellbeing from an Ecological Perspective

7:30pm BST Shelly Volsche What’s in a Name? Canine Names and Roles Across Cultures and Nikki Bennett – Companion Animal Genetic Services: Pet Guardian Experiences & Veterinary Perspectives.


Thursday 27th July 2023 –

10am BST Professor Miki Kakinuma – Asian Culture Perspective Dogs living with people

2pm BST Panel with C.A.R.E and save the dogs africa initiative


Friday 28th July 2023 7pm BST Danielle Beck with Rise Van Fleet and Guests – Delegate Evening – Panel discussion


Saturday 29th July 2023 9am – 3pm BST (Live at 2pm BST)

Sindhoor Pangal – What freedom and true agency can do to their welfare

Roz Pooley – Setting up for Success

Kathy Murphy and Bobbie Bhambree – Building Resilience After Trauma

Panel Discussion at 2pm


Sunday 30th July 2023 9am – 3pm BST (Live at 2pm BST)

Rachel Forday –  Decolonising Trauma Informed Care

Tracie Faa-Thompson – Animal Assisted Play Therapy- freedom not force how to involve animals in therapy to enhance the welfare of animals and humans.

Leslie McDevitt – Helping owners through animals trauma

Q&A with Tracie and Leslie at 2pm

In an effort to create a safe and considerate atmosphere during the discussion on Decolonising Trauma Informed Care, Rachel Forday has chosen not to participate in live Q&A in order to preserve the sensitivity of the topic