Delegate Evening

The evening before the conference weekend begins we have a few things planned for our delegates.The conference is dealing with helping animals with trauma but it is also important to take care of ourselves. All too often we put self care to the bottom of our to do list when to help others we must also take care of ourselves.6pm BST on Friday 30th we will be joined live with Jules from JB Fitness and Wellbeing ( with a low impact workout to get you moving. Movement is great way to get yourself healthy both mentally and physically. Jules has also has some other great low impact workouts you can do during the conference at the weekend.7pm BST on Friday 30th we will have a discussion between Danielle Beck, Natalie Light, Samantha Bailey and hopefully a few of our other speakers will also join us. Having a support structure for yourself and having people to talk to is all too important not only for helping gaining understanding but also in your self care.Buy your ticket and come and join us for the conference and delegate evening.