Overcoming Extreme Fear in Animals: Safety, Social Facilitation, Exploration, and Play

It is a pleasure to hear Rise talk, she knows and has done so much work with highly fearful, traumatized, unsocialised, and feral dogs. Rise use play as an important aspect of the multi-modal intervention and we are delighted to have her speak on the psychology of trauma.

This presentation will show ways of assisting animals who show signs of extreme fear and other reactions stemming from lack of socialization, maltreatment, and misunderstanding. It covers the importance of seeing the situation from the animals’ points of view, and the need to establish safety first and foremost. Methods of intervention with unsocialized, highly fearful, traumatized, puppy mill, and feral and semi-feral dogs will illustrate novel ways to address these issues and contribute to better functioning. Case studies will highlight the methods used.