CTM 2023

Street Dogs Ethics And Trauma

Touching On Diverse Opinions Surrounding
Street Dogs, Welfare And The Trauma Informed Approach

Our Speaker Line up 2023

Sindhoor Pangal

Roz Pooley

Tracie Faa-Thompson

Dr Rise Van Fleet

Kathy Murphy

Leslie McDevitt

Dr. Shelly Volsche

Sudha Narayanan

Désirée Braganza

Professor Miki Kakinuma

Jessie Sams

Katannaa & Kakooza

Bobbie Bhambree

Rachel Forday

Nikki E. Bennett

Control the Meerkat Trauma Conference 2023 is bringing you the virtual conference about the inner workings of the brain and the emotional and neuroscientific side to trauma. We then will bring you practical applications of how to help animals experiencing or have experienced trauma.

All talks will also be subtitled with accessibility options through the website.

You will also have access to the recordngs, the dicussions and the panel Q&A recordings until 31st July 2028.

Will I Receive An Attendance Certificate?

Yes. If you watch LIVE your attendance is recorded and you can download a certificate of attendance. If you watch ALL the recordings on the website you can also download a certificate.

What Is The Refund Policy?

No refunds with the last 20 days of the conference except in extreme circumstances. Please contact [email protected] to arrange any refunds or ticket exchanges.

Can I Attend Just One Day?

We do not offer a lower price for just attending on day.

Will I Get CEU’s?

15 behaviour credits for CCPDT and 15 CEUS for PPG

Are There Group Discounts?

Please contact [email protected] to discuss your circumstances.

What If I Cannot Attend Last Minute?

All talks are released the week before the speakers are live for the panel discussions. All talks and panel discussions are then available until 31st July 2028. All the live discussions will be recorded and then subtitled and placed on the website 1-2 weeks after the live conference.